Hello Team Mom Charities Family!


I hope this reaches you in good spirits and health. My name is Team Mom and I live in California. I have two sons and four grandchildren. I've traveled the world and am a military brat who was raised in the church. Most people are well-educated but society has educated me. The year of 1993 I started on the journey helping people in need.


The reason I'm reaching out to you is because Team Mom Charities is trying to make sure that everybody's prayers and thoughts are in mind as TMC travels across the United States in such peril times. There's a lot of stuff going on out there in our country right now. I'm just a country girl originally from Louisiana. I got a big heart and I've always been devoted to outreach. I can cook for about a thousand people by myself and I don't need help, but I do want people to know that TMC is COMING. 


Ride and feed the homeless y'all... If there's anything that you and your group of friends can do to help get this out, TMC truly would appreciate it. This journey will benefit all! 


God Bless Us All,


Team Mom Charities  


Community Outreach Liaison/Organizer

"I may hurt your feelings but we WILL heal together"